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Auction Calendar

Celtic Whisky auctions run monthly and each live auction lasts for 7 days. Please see below for our upcoming auction dates and deadlines for submitting bottles.
Bottles can be dropped at the Celtic Whiskey Shop, 27 - 28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. If you cannot make it to the shop, we can arrange a courier but, please note that the goods are transported at the seller's risk.
If you would like a free evaluation of your bottle, or have any questions about how our auction works, please email our Auction Manager, Jack Simpson at jack@celticwhiskeyauction.com.

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July auction

Start date 3rd of July
Entry deadline 26th of June
Close 10th of July
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August Auction

Start date 1st of August
Entry deadline 25th of July
Close 8th of August 
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September Auction

Start date 4th of September
Entry deadline 28th of August
Close 11th of September
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October Auction

Start date 2nd of October
Entry deadline 25th of September
Close 9th of October
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November Auction

Start date 6th of November
Entry deadline 31st of October
Close 11th of November
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