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Please find below, everything you need to know about how to sell whiskey, spirits, wine or drinks memorabilia.

Selling on CelticWhiskeyAuction.com couldn’t be easier! There is no upfront payment needed and any applicable fees and commissions will be deducted from our final payment to you.

What does it cost to sell online?

  1. A €5 registration fee for each lot.
  2. An additional €5 fee if you’d like to put a reserve on that lot.

We would only recommend setting a reserve price if it’s a niche product that’s rarely seen for sale but this decision is solely up to you.

  1. A 5% Sellers commission on the hammer price.
  2. Sellers commission reduces to 3.5% on all lots over €2000.
  • There is no VAT on the hammer price of whiskey, spirits, wine, or memorabilia sold at auction
  • VAT is charged at 23% on commission, listing, and reserve fees only.
  • Listing and reserve fees must be paid each time a bottle is entered in the case of re listings.

If you would like to sell, please click the Contact button below or send us an email at info@celticwhiskeyauction.com or just give us a call, on (+353) 01 675 9744 and we will do our best to help.


Once completed you have the following options for delivering your items to Celtic Whiskey Auction. Please refer to the Auction Calendar for delivery deadlines for each auction.

The cheapest option for you is to drop them off at Celtic Whiskey Shop, 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

By courier
Please post to Celtic Whiskey Auction, c/o Celtic Whiskey Shop, 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
All items must be packed securely prior to shipping and responsibility for any damage, breakages or loss lies solely with the sender.

Arrange a collection
We can either collect your bottles (mileage charge will apply) or arrange a courier to uplift your items. All items must be packed securely prior to shipping and responsibility for any damage, breakages or loss lies solely with the sender.

Confirm lots
Once the items are received, Celtic Whiskey Auction will confirm the quality and condition of the items and if acceptable they can then be listed in the next auction.

Watch lots
Whilst the auction is active you are able to monitor the progress of your lots in My Auction.

Receive payment for what you sell
At the end of every auction, we will send you an email listing the details of each of your lots.
This information will also be displayed in your account under My Auction.
You will be paid via bank transfer or Paypal in full for any sold items within 10-14 working days of our receiving full payment from the buyer, up to a maximum of 28 days after the end of the auction. Please note our terms and conditions regarding the payment made to the seller, as this is dependent on the buyer paying us.
You can relist any items that didn’t sell (subject to fees), or if you’d prefer, we can return them to you (please note that in this instance, we will ask you to cover any postage/shipping costs, unless you arrange to collect in person).

Please see FAQ for more information.

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