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Counterfeit Policy

At Celtic Whiskey Auction we take fraudulent whiskies very seriously. Fortunately, our experience in the whiskey trade means we have the knowledge to spot a fake or fraudulent whiskey in most cases.

We understand that our customers are equally concerned about the issue and we have therefore issued a policy to address as many concerns as possible.

When listing new items on the auction site our site will carry out some of or all of these checks:

  • Physical checks – to make sure everything seems as it should be. This will include checking the print quality of the label as well as looking for spelling mistakes and other errors.
  • We will check the seal to make sure the bottle has not been opened or tampered with.
  • Other methods will include checking tax strips (if relevant) and making sure they are correctly positioned on the bottle and from the relevant era.
  • In the case of opaque bottles we will check that the weight seems to be correct for the contents.Research- Comparing like for like where possible.
  • Checking the colour of the liquid, glass codes/etchings, bottle shape, labels, closure types etc.
  • Provenance- If needed will research the origin of the bottle and the seller. When required we will establish further owner history if possible.
  • Extra expert opinion- We may also consult with our established contacts and our whiskey network within and outside of the whiskey industry.
  • Finally, we encourage all our website users to contact us immediately if they suspect a listed item is not genuine or if it appears to be suspicious.
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